Sydney's Sustainable House open on National Sustainable House day

On Sunday 17 September 2017 Sydney’s Sustainable House will be open for anyone to visit along with over 200 other sustainable houses across Australia.

You’ll see how three to four people have lived an ordinary life in the centre of inner Sydney, with energy and water bills less than $300 a year since 1996.

For over 21 years this little inner city terrace house with an ordinary roof, tanks, pipes, appliances and off-the-shelf stuff has been respecting and harvesting Earth’s generous rain and sun.  Over 30,000 people have visited the house and the general reaction is, “Oh, this is just an ordinary house”, or “I can do this”.

If we can do it, you can, too.

Hourly guided tours will run here from 10 am to 4 pm. (Other houses may have different arrangements which will be shown for each of them on the National Sustainable House Day site.)

• Salvia, finger lime, mulch and espaliered dwarf fruit trees in Chippendale road gardens

• Salvia, finger lime, mulch and espaliered dwarf fruit trees in Chippendale road gardens

In the 50 minute tour you'll see the energy, water, recycled water systems and the road gardens.

The entry fee of $25 will help us buy plants and gardening gear for our Chippendale road gardens.

We’ll buy compost bins to turn our waste food into soil and fertilizer for our edible road verge plants, and we’ll buy plants for the verges such as: nasturtium, native violets, salvia (food for bees), finger lime, lemon grass, alpine strawberries, espaliered fruit trees.

We’ll announce a planting date when we local gardeners, our community group Sustainable Chippendale, and anyone who wishes to join us will be very welcome; look for the date on:  

So, there it is, ready for some volunteers and I to show you around next Sunday in Sydney, Australia, Earth.

And, if you do visit, may I thank you in advance, for you’ll also help grow our little urban farm on these inner city streets - the fruits and plants of which anyone may harvest, enjoy walking past or, wherever you live, you’ll know these plants simply exist – got to be some smiles in that, I reckon.

[If you have a few hours we need one or two more volunteers - if you're local contact me or you can volunteer through the National Sustainable House Day site.]