Michael goes off grid for power: part 1

The sun has powered electricity in my three bedroom inner Sydney house since March 2105.

It’s been six months since the wires from the poles carrying mains electricity in the street outside my house were disconnected.

Now, with useful data on costs and energy use, it’s possible to pass on the lessons I’ve learnt.  You can use the data to go off grid yourself and avoid my mistakes.  The data enables you to compare my experience with yours, and to compare the fifteen or so other off-grid battery and inverter products on the Australian market, with more coming.

Buying group solar

We started out with the goal to obtain a discount on solar systems by buying in bulk. Our aim was to have 30 households sign up with the one supplier to achieve a negotiated 15-20% discount on all components and installation of a solar system. The project began with a meeting at Michaels house that involved a presentation, much discussion, and a few bottles of wine.