Going off grid is SIMPLE.

We agree your goals, where to start.  I coach each project member, nominate products, materials, suppliers and design options all of which can best provide solutions which achieve the goals of the client.

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Taking the first step may seem scary, but here's a tip: start going off-grid just by choosing to buy a fridge or any other appliance, light bulb, tap, material or design that’s the most efficient.  Here's my house - a two minute video and facts.

An efficient appliance usually ends up being the cheapest to own over time as the energy bills will be lower. To the right is an example of this (click on the image to expand it to full-screen).

Just as buying an efficient appliance can be your first step, so can buying a rainwater tank, a solar system or an off-grid battery.

Cooling cities

my big goal is to cool Australian cities by 2 degrees by 2020.

my company, Street Coolers, is a not-for-profit operation which is cooling roads and research and building trial solutions and documenting results: more information is here on the Street Coolers website

Going off grid is NOT a marathon or an all or nothing thing.

Follow a typical off-grid project that I'm working on right now to see how easy it is -- The Kylie Off-Grid Project. You can start reading about the journey in a Sydney Morning Herald article and an article in the Daily Mail or visit my blog for regular updates about the project.

Stay tuned for fact sheets, upcoming videos, and more tips about going off-grid that will be shared here as the renovation continues. You can also subscribe to my newsletter below to stay informed.