I am highly experienced in presenting at conferences, schools, festivals, corporate gatherings and government functions. I motivate, explain, provide facts, dispel myths and clear away the legal cobwebs.

Whether you are seeking to hear about my journey to sustainability and how I overcame the red tape to transform an entire community, or you want a highly practical talk on how to make a house, school, urban farm, subdivision, road or project sustainable, my talks will be tailored to your needs.

Costa Georgiadis, host of ABC TV’s Gardening Australia, Michael Mobbs and Lucienne Joy, on-air radio personality, talk about food, ecological footprints, and how living more sustainably in the city is only a few decisions away.

During the past 20 years I have specialised in professional development and school talks. I have spoken to architectural, planning and engineering institutions and large development companies such as Mirvac and Lend Lease as well as students, teachers and administrators. I have practical experience that helps develop and inform professionals in the legal, engineering, building, design, teaching and regulatory sectors as well as educators who are interested in sustainability.

I offer practical design and approvals advice about sustainable urban farms, domestic residences, offices, units and subdivisions that use the Sun's energy, rain and recycled water. I have obtained innovative approvals for small-to-large scale projects across Australia and initiated conditions that enable new technology to be accepted by local councils, financiers and purchasers.

For some 15 years I have been an Associate Lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney.

To book a talk, contact me at: michael@sustainablehouse.com.au