I'm Michael Mobbs, the 'off-grid guy'
- see my house in this 2 minute video -  Sydney's Sustainable House


I'll help you go off-grid, or partly off-grid, too.

We can all live a sustainable life. 


Cut your bills, reduce your pollution and get healthy with local food you grow or buy.

Since 1996, I have had energy and water bills of less than $300 per year - the house has been disconnected from mains water and sewer since 1996. In March 2015, I disconnected my house from the poles and wires of the main electricity grid, and since then solar panels and batteries have powered the house.

You can, too.

But you don't have to go all off-grid - choose what works for you, in our own time, in your own place.

I'll work with you as a Sustainability Coach to choose options for going off-grid or partly off-grid. 

Use my blog to find and follow off-grid and partly off-grid projects.

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“A template of sustainable living…his house is in a class of its own”
— Margaret Throsby, ABC Classic FM
“Michael Mobbs is a genius”
— Alan Jones, 2GB Radio