Meet the Head of Sustainability, IKEA Australia and other experts at my Low Bills Living Course

I'm delighted to announce five guest presenters at the Low Bills Living Course who are experts across building, energy and water.  You will get to discuss your challenges with each of them at my Low Bills Living Course commencing 22 July.

Read on and see the wonderful experience each of the presenters offers.

The course is strictly limited to 9 people, so don't miss out - places are still available.

By being in a small class each participant may develop their budget, design, products and compare their project with one another.  

This intensive, small group focus on detail, contacts and developing your project will give you more confidence and capacity to proceed with your project and lets you get more done.  It will help you show yourself, project team, your friends and contacts how to have a low bills house.

The details of the course are here.


Dr Kate Ringvall, Country Manager, Sustainability, IKEA Australia, presents Recycling, Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency

•  Dr Kate Ringvall, Country Manager for Sustainability, IKEA, Australia

Dr Kate Ringvall, Country Manager for Sustainability, IKEA, Australia

About Kate

Dr Kate Ringvall has been working and studying in the Sustainability field for nearly 20 years across the public and private sectors.

Kate has worked in the Federal Government in Transport Environment Policy and Research focusing on a range of environmental concerns ranging from National Oceans Marine Parks, International Conventions on the Treatment of Hazardous Materials, to the economic costs of accidents and congestion. Kate has worked as a Sustainability Officer in two WA local governments and in the WA State Police Department, roles that covered a vast array of sustainability topics and issues, and also completed many years as an academic and researcher at Curtin University in Sustainable Urban Transport Planning.

Kate completed a Masters in Public Policy at Murdoch University and her Thesis investigated the indicators of success in Public Transport systems; and her PhD in Planning at Curtin University examined the integration of sustainability into new ‘Green’ marketed suburbs in Perth.

Kate will help you choose appliances, products and materials that will save the planet and the wallet.

•  John Cameron

John Cameron

John Cameron, Building Specialist presents Through the Builders Eyes - How to Budget for and Brief a Builder.

About John

John Cameron has had over 20 years experience in constructions for commercial and residential properties working with government, banking, hospitality, tourism, insurance and not for profit industries. Expertise across:

- Design Management
- Estimating
- Cost Planning
- Cost Management
- Project management
- Development Management
- Building Design
- Detail Design

John will help you develop your budget, deal with it, and get your project on a firm footing. 

Brian England, Off-Grid Solar Expert presents How to Design and Choose off-grid solar and battery systems.

About Brian

Brian England from Self Sufficiency Supplies won the Clean Energy Council of Australia 2015 award for stand-alone solar PV power system design and installation.

Brian will help you choose proven, reliable solar and battery installers and product suppliers.

•  Sara Rickards

Sara Rickards

Sara Rickards , Communications Expert presents How to Tell Your Story to get your project team, neighbours and community on side.

About Sara

Sara is a Biomedical Scientist, Environmental Engineer, Social Entrepreneur and Communicator.

In a previous life she was the Education For Sustainability Manager at Macquarie University, Co-host for the Un-school of Disruptive Design and Associate Editor of the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.

Sara understands the mechanics of a sustainable build and how to effectively communicate your vision to reduce roadblocks with council, builders and neighbours.

 • Murat Keskin

 • Murat Keskin

Ooooby: Murat Keskin, Co-founder, Executive Director, Australia, Food expert presents How to Buy and Source Healthy Local Food.

About Murat Keskin

Murat manages Ooooby, a local food service supporting farmers, and will present ideas and examples for growing and buying food, and preventing food waste.

We'll eat local food at our workshops provided by Ooooby.  

Ooooby says, "Where would we be without our growers? Ooooby has a rich network of local and organic growers and suppliers that produce a great variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. They deserve their fair share of the rewards so we pay them at least 50% of the retail value of all our box deliveries. We receive most of our produce direct from our growers and hand-pack it ourselves."

The growing, production and waste of food consumes 20-40 times more water and energy than your house. Murat is an expert in where and why you can grow and buy local, healthy food.

Ooby will help you get low food bills and better physical health.