Watch Tim Heard split native bee hive

Native  bee hive in my back  garden

Native  bee hive in my back  garden

You’re invited (free) to my place to watch Tim Heard, leading Australian native bee expert, split my hive and make two from one.

Tim designed and built the hive.  Tim has a very informative website and has written a book about native bees. Copies will be available for purchase at the hive split.

When a hive is ‘split’ some of the honey and young bees from the existing hive are put into another hive box which is empty, ready for the split. The split hive must go at least 2 kilometres away so that the bees in both hives are not confused about which hive is their home.

Tim has split my hive twice and so now there will soon be a total of five hives from this one hive.

Empty hive ready for the split

Empty hive ready for the split

The other four are at different gardens around Sydney, increasing biodiversity and urban plant and insect resilience.

I’m giving the hive to be made from this split to a friend who I promised it to last year, Jess Miller, who, is entering her own new “hive”, having recently been elected a councillor to Sydney City Council (but she can still have the hive; it may help her keep her sense of humour – it’s nourishing and humbling to watch the little, gentle critters zooming around).

You’re welcome to video and record the split so you can do it with your hive; it’s easy.

The hive split date is:

  • Saturday 15 October, start 5 pm, finish 6 pm

There are 30 spaces for the split in my back garden; to book your place place email me at my contacts.