Would you like to see construction of Kylie’s off-grid house?

If you’re considering going off-grid and would like to see how it’s being done during construction this is your chance.

The owner, Kylie Ahern, and the builder, Paul Curran of Canis Constructions, have agreed to a tour and we’re offering it on Saturday 5 March.  Start 11.30 am, finish 12.30. Cameras welcome.

In my role as the sustainability coach for this off-grid project I coach each project member, nominate products, materials, suppliers and design options which can best provide solutions to achieve specific goals chosen by the client. There's an open discussion about how best to achieve the client's goals and often excellent solutions pop up from the builder, plumber and others in the project team.  So long as the goals are clear it's easier for each team member to contribute their knowledge and experience.  No one has all the answers and any idea for achieving the client's goal is a good one.

You’ll see:

  • Plumbing to cool the fridge and the house by harvesting Earth’s free cooling services
  • Timber flooring from recycled electricity poles
  • Recycled bricks from the renovated house being re-used
  • Timber floor bathroom (low energy by no use of tiles or cement, cool in summer, warm in winter, non-slip, no mould and avoids waste and site management costs)
  • Gabion walls of recycled bricks, concrete
  • Off-grid electricity, water and grey water systems
  • How to insulate timber floors, brick and timber walls and roofs

As the house is incomplete, some parts of the off-grid systems are not complete.

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 people who wish to build off-grid. 

Plumbers, builders, designers, developers - you are very welcome; this tour is for you.

Tour fee is $25, non-refundable, paid in advance. To book and pay please book here.