Some off-grid products, suppliers

Here are some products and suppliers being used at the Kylie Off-grid Project.  This list will be added to during the project.


The Kylie Off-grid Project: Products, Suppliers *


Rain tanks – above ground


1   Australian steel - all steel is produced by BlueScope

2   Australian owned – 100%

3   Number of jobs provided at NSW (Blacktown) – 75; Qld – 25; Vic - 20

4   Trends in rain tank sales:

Industry sales spiked in the last major drought, 2007-2009.  The industry has contracted somewhat since then, but is growing again now.  Forecast El Nino will likely bring more attention to scarce water resources in the coming months.  The problem does not go away, we do not have enough water supply to meet demand with increasing population growth, without large scale decentralised rainwater harvesting being part of the strategy. 

5   What drives sales? 

Smart government “sustainable building” policy is the most important factor.  NSW leads the country with BASIX, which is non prescriptive and based on real measurable reductions in electricity and water consumption being built into the framework of the home. Other drivers include bushfire protection, industrial processes, stormwater mitigation, and environmentally aware consumers. 

[Company owner – Stuart Heldon]


Off-grid solar panels and batteries

Off-Grid Energy

1.     Highest quality German and Korean made products - with trusted brands such as LG, SMA, BMZ, and Sony.

2.     Off-Grid Energy Australia 100% Australian owned and operated, supporting local jobs and advanced manufacturing.

3.     100’s of genuine off-grid Installations across Australia.  Off-Grid Energy has the knowledge, skills, experience to delivery reliable hassle free power: jobs -  SA = 64, NSW = 41, VIC = 31, QLD = 4, WA = 2, NT = 1, TAS = 1

4.     Trends in battery storage sales:

o   Increasing trend in on grid battery storage to increase solar self consumption, add a level of energy independence and step towards grid defection

o   On-Grid Battery storage early adopters are buying now

o   The truly ‘off-grid’ market will always be steady in Australia due to expense for networks in delivering power to regional locations.

5.     What drives sales?

o   Increased electricity prices & dissatisfaction with energy retailers

o   Improved technology and reliability of equipment to deliver 100% reliable electricity with no difference in quality to the electricity grid

o   Consumer desire for more control over their energy, and independent living

o   Desire to have a completely renewable source of energy for the home

[Installer – Damien Griffith]


The builder:  Canis Constructions

Paul Curran
Mobile: 0458 558151


*More products, suppliers to be listed during this project