Design & Project Management


Design & Project Management


As your Sustainable Systems Designer and / or Project Manager, I will work with you, your builder, designer, architect, engineer, plumber, or introduce people with experience and those potential skills to your project.

I am flexible about the Design and Project Management services and fee options which I offer and some are listed below for you to choose from or to suggest another approach:

  • Project Manage the design, choice and installation of the sustainable, low bills living systems;

  • Project Manage the whole project, or stages or parts of the project;

  • Design, specify, manage requests for quotes for solar, water, recycled water, materials, food and gardening systems;

  • Review and work with designs and others in your project.

Fees may be any one or a mix of the following by agreement: 

  • Fixed by agreement;

  • Percentage of the project cost;

  • Hourly;

  • For a specific stage(s) of the project.

To explore these options and invite me to contact you to discuss my project management services for your project, please submit an expression of interest by clicking on the ‘CART’ button below and sending me your contact details - thank you in advance.

Don't worry if you don't have all of the details!

I particularly enjoy working on projects where you don’t know where to start or are unsure of the costs of using water and energy in the least polluting ways.

Getting approvals is my speciality; I practised environmental law for 19 years before consulting and so I give advice with which I expect a court may agree - the aim, of course, is to stay away from courts.

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