Inspire your students about Sustainability with either a classroom tour of Sydney’s Sustainable House in Chippendale or book Australia’s leading sustainability pioneer and author Michael Mobbs to come and talk at your school.

I love talking to kids about sustainability. And kids love visiting the house. They ask lots of questions. Thousands of students from primary and high schools and TAFEs have visited my house and done assignments based on what they have learned. I can talk to students either at my home or at your school.

Over 10,000 pre-school, primary and secondary students have visited Sustainable House and Michael has visited dozens of schools . Talks and tools are tailored to each audience.

What students learn

  • How does solar energy and battery storage work - what do the systems look like
  • Where and how does drinking water come from if not from town water and is it safe to drink?
  • Sewerage! What happens with all the wasted water and how is it made safe?
  • What are material which are healthier to live with, to make and use and recycle?
  • What were the costs in 1996 when the house was made sustainable, and today
  • Why does the growing, production, transport and waste of food use more energy and water than the house, and what can be done at home in in the streets about those impacts?
  • Composting - what is composting, why it is so important and how anyone can compost

Follow up actions at home and school:

  • What are the things students can do when they go home today to use less energy and waste less water and what are the household savings?
  • Teachers and students notes provided at the end of the tour with links to the curriculum

Option 1: Book a classroom visit to Sydney's Sustainable House - $150 (ex GST)
Bring up to 30 students to Michael Mobbs’ home for a one-hour tour
We are able to do several tours in one day if you want to bring several class groups.
Pay here via a credit card
Request an invoice prior to payment here

Option 2: Book Michael Mobbs to visit your school - $550 (ex GST)
Book Michael to visit your school for up to half a day to talk to one or more classrooms.
Pay here via a credit card
Request an invoice prior to payment here

Please call me on 0424 460 525 or email if you have further questions.

General information

  • Photography and video and audio recording are welcome.
  • Parking: free one-hour street parking.
  • Public transport:  
    • Closest train stations are Central and Redfern.
    • Regular and frequent buses service nearby City Road, Broadway.

The house is located at 58 Myrtle Street, Chippendale NSW 2008