Let's work together to find options that suit you?


  • Low bills living
  • Red and green tape solutions;
  • Concept design; 
  • Specify recycled materials, products, materials;
  • Provide options, suppliers, recommend other service providers.


Sometimes what we don't know can be overwhelming and we can find ourselves at the mercy of others who may not have the answers, either.

There are answers. There is a solution.

Let's problem-solve together - that's what I do to help you keep your dreams on track.  My passion is to empower others to take control of their sustainable living goals.

When you hear a builder, architect, etc say, "You can't do that . . . ", you know you're on the right track. 

When we live partly or wholly off-grid we keep our lifestyle and use free energy and water from the sky, just like thousands of farmers do every day.

Since 1996, I've worked on hundreds of sustainable projects across Australia; from helping to develop local council and other government sustainability policies to residential and commercial projects and infrastructure.

Before that I practised environmental law for 19 years and am trained to work on facts, law and practical experience.

Main Services: coaching

It's often cheaper for you to build and to live in or use your building if you involve me before or while you are making plans, not after they are finalised by the council or designers.

But, if that time has passed, we can still find options to save your energy and water bills. And many savings can be made without plans. It's good for you to involve your consultants (builder, plumber, electrician, designer) in our conversation - the more involved the richer your result.

Call me:           0424 460 525

Email:            michael@sustainablehouse.com.au



$150 + GST, paid in advance here.                


Coaching as problem-solving

  • 60 minute face to face or Skype consultation

Together we can open up choices when, sometime, alone, we don't realise we have any.

Let me help you get started on your off-grid journey with a 60 minute face to face or Skype consultation. Your priorities are mine. I’ll suggest products, prices, materials and examples and provide you with a summary of our discussion. 

$750 + GST, paid in advance - info here.

  • On-site visit + project team meeting (in Sydney metro area)

By agreement. To enquire, please contact me at michael@sustainablehouse.com.au

or call me

  • Full project consultations with but not limited to your off-grid project, local government, retail, property developer and road engineer projects. After you say what you want I nominate products, materials, suppliers, and offer design options according to what you ask me to do. NOTE: I have no commercial interest in any product, material I recommend.

Do you want a cool house in summer, a warm house in winter?  Or, to use non-toxic materials?  Or recycled steel, timber, concrete?  Or the best insulation or other products?  To harvest rain water, or to re-uses waste water? All of these things, and more, are what makes a house partly or fully off-grid.

Imagine living with energy and water bills less than $300 a year, as I do. You can, too.