An ecoPOP is a small, free-standing and self-sustaining green oasis that is powered by the Sun, watered by the rain and fertilised by compost.

It catches and stores its own water from rainfall, powers itself with the energy of the Sun, generates its own nutrients, grows food, recycles materials, refreshes and cools cities and improves air quality. In short, ecoPOPS build better communities.

Michael has worked with colleagues and engineers from the University of Sydney to develop this unique garden with a customised irrigation system connected to a highly efficient pump and powered by solar.

ecoPOPs are perfect for public, urban areas and are a great way to turn a bitumen or concrete area into a beautiful space. From young children in school yards to adults in community gardens, anyone can interact with and learn from ecoPOPs. Their small size and self-sustained features allow them to be installed anywhere. ecoPOPs are also great educational tools that provide an opportunity to learn about local food gardens, how solar energy works, how to harvest rainwater and how to turn food waste into a resource.

Visit the ecoPOPs website to learn more about these urban gardens and to order your own! You can also email or call her at 0406-270-138 to get more information.